Robin Hood topic in schools

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Robin Hood topic in schools

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Robin Hood is a great topic for Year 5 and 6 there are some great resources available almost everywhere, films, books, costumes and of course a trip to Sherwood forest but how do you really bring alive what it was like to be Robin Hood or one of his Merry Men?

Here are our most popular "Robin Hood" activities:

1. Outlaws loved venison but to shoot a deer with a bow you need to be no further than 30 yards away, can you get within 30 yards of the deer without being seen.

2. There were no houses in the forest, what was it like to live in the wood? Build a shelter in the woods

3. Robin was an excellent tracker which helped him get his food, can you find any tracks? Who made them and where are they going? Where is the busiest part of the area?

4. Making bows ( had to be in the list its a classic) using lolly sticks and cotton buds

5. Clothing, enough with the Errol Flynn hats! Robin HOOD needed to hide, stalk animals for food and keep warm. Time to break out the Camo capes and play some hide and seek, dont forget the camo face paints!

Surely the key to understanding what it was like to be Robin Hood doesn't lie in the classroom but outside where you can feel the elements, hear the birds and be connected to nature.