Making a mini bow and arrow

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Making a mini bow and arrow

How to make a mini bow and arrow

To make this great little bow and arrow set you will need some lollipop sticks, cotton buds, some scissors, nail clippers and either elastic bands or nano cord.

To make a mini bow and arrow you will need

Step 1

Soak the sticks in water for about half an hours to make them good and soft.

Soak the sticks

Step 2

Using the nail clippers, make 4 notches in the stick.

Cut the notches

Step 3

Cut the elastic band in half and fix tightly to the stick, carefully bend the stick before knotting the second end.

Elastic band fitting

Step 4

Cut the end off the cotton bud to make a safe but light arrow.

Cut the end off the arrow

Step 5

You are ready to fire your arrow, it takes a few goes to get it right but you should get a good range.

ready to go

Extra version

If you want the stick to do the work (like a real bow does) then instead of the elastic band, try some Nano cord instead.

Using Nano cord

Remember to pre-bend the stick before you tie the second end of the cord, the bow will gain power as the stick drys.

version 2

Have fun with your bows but remember not to point them at people or animals.

You can get the lolly sticks here - LOLLY STICKS

And the excellet Nano Cord here - NANO CORD